Collected in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest over a period of 6 months before the 2020 pandemic, this dataset includes over 1000 postcards filled in by people attending farmers markets, ice rinks, festival and other public events. They were asked about 1) their environmental challenges and 2) how they were coping with or surviving these challenges.

This collection is designed for nursing audiences interested in centering the voices of the public, especially those from marginalized or otherwise excluded communities in thinking about ways to address environmental and climate justice in their research, education, advocacy, and practice

Our Climate Justice Exhibit includes just a few of the voices from our Frontline and Fenceline collections to help situate how ordinary people, not necessarily trained in either nursing or environmental justice, think about their environmental challenges and their ways of coping.

You can also browse collections individually or all collections using tagged themes for both theĀ  (adjusted for size based on prominence in the datasets). See this page for an explanation of the tags.

Research Team Members included the following University of Washington Tacoma Professors and Undergraduate Students: Robin Evans-Agnew, RN, PhD; Tom Koontz, PhD; Chris Schell, PhD; Joel Baker, PhD; Alexandra Dogbe; Sonja Duncan; & Risa Hess

Funding: Funding for data collection, analysis, and display via this website was provided by the EarthLab Innovation Grants Program, University of Washington